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Do you think God was part of a huge race of other Gods but there was some cataclysmic event (The Big Bang) that wiped them all out except him. So he started making the universe because he was bored and as the millions of years went on, he started getting lonelier and lonelier and crazier. He ended up creating new life on a planet he called ‘New Earth’ as a dedication to his old one and as the years went on from then, he started having stupid idea’s like Dinosaur’s. They were interesting enough to him but all they did was eat and mate and eat and mate and die. So he wiped them out with a few well chosen asteroids and after a lot of thinking and years later, he started developing humans. His worst idea yet. At first all they did was eat and mate and eat and mate but then they started moving. Stretching across his New Earth, growing as animal’s into Homo-Sapiens. And then God really went down the mental road and started introducing idea’s such as Religion and war because all he wanted was some entertainment and someone to talk to. But the problem with God’s race is that they were born in silence and could never communicate to the messy human’s otherwise their head’s would explode. God watches the human race and New Earth as the loneliest being in the universe. Whilst also completely bonkers.

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